Available courses

What are the GRAIDs

The Guidelines, Recommendations, Adaptations, Including Disability, or GRAIDs, were developed as a method to adapt evidence-based programs to be inclusive of individuals with disabilities. Watch this presentation conducted by Dr. Kerri Vanderbom to learn what the GRAIDs are and how to use them.

Disability Awareness

There are over 54 million American’s living with a disability. People with a disability are a largely underserved population, often this is due to a lack of knowledge on how to reach, address, and serve these individuals. This presentation will address communication tips and proper disability etiquette for individuals with sensory, intellectual and physical disabilities. It will also briefly discuss the barriers these individuals face towards participation and how to address them.  Finally, this presentation will look at the definition of inclusion and what that means for effective communication.

Disability and Aging

This course provides presentations for disability and aging service providers.

Health Care

This course provides presentations for health care professionals.

Public Health

This course provides presentations on inclusive public health.

Fitness Professionals

This course provides presentations to fitness professionals on a number of inclusive fitness topics.


This course provides presentations for educators on inclusive physical activity.

Climbing Wall Training

This training is for individuals who are already trained on a climbing wall and are looking to make their wall inclusive of individuals with disabilities. It will cover topics such as disability etiquette to inclusive climbing wall techniques.