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Compared to those without disabilities, people with disabilities are more likely to be obese, have diabetes and to smoke. However, many of these conditions go untreated due to barriers in access to health care and resources. Additionally, people with disabilities experience unmet health care needs due to cost or inaccessible facilities. In this section you will find resources to make your practice more inclusive of people with disabilities and resources to communicate valuable health and wellness information to your patients.

Health Disparities and Cultural Competence

The Health Disparities and Cultural Competence training provides a brief synopsis of health disparities and cultural competence for individuals who have limited or no background in these areas. This training will provide an overview of health disparities and information sources, explanatory models for health disparities, cultural competence, and addressing sociocultural barriers to health care. This training will also include potential resources for additional knowledge as well as a quiz at the conclusion of the training to test knowledge gain.