The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and Lakeshore Foundation present :


Graphicly designed image that states Prevent T2 for All. An Inclusive Diabetes prevention progream

Lifestyle coaches will gain the knowledge, skills, and ability to facilitate an inclusive diabetes prevention course. This curriculum is a CDC approved lifestyle change program. Lifestyle coaches will be required to review the four part training sessions. Upon completion of the webinars approved lifestyle coaches will receive a certificate and access to the prevent T2 for All Curriculum.

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Prevent T2 for All: Introduction to Including People with Disabilities

Currently 1 in 4 people in the united states have a disability. This is an introductory course to the Prevent T2 for All curriculum.

Prevent T2 for All: Preparing for your class.

In this section lifestyle coaches will learn how to have an inclusive classroom setting and what accommodations might be needed to provide equal opportunities to learn for all participants.

Prevent T2 For All: Nutrition for Lifestyle Coaches

In this section Lifestyle coaches will learn different tips and techniques to implement inclusion in different nutrition strategies.

Prevent T2 For All: Fitness for Lifestyle coaches

In this training Lifestyle coaches will learn inclusion techniques and strategies to assist participants with a disability.

Push for Your Health Campaign Toolkit

This toolkit is meant to make promoting and celebrating National Diabetes Awareness Month in your community a little easier! This kit is designed to help you generate messages to support an inclusive diabetes prevention awareness campaign to your audiences.