In this section you will find trainings on some of the common tools NCHPAD uses in our work.

Virtual Reality as Part of Your Inclusive Programming

Staff from Lakeshore Foundation discuss how to use Virtual Reality Gaming Systems as part of your inclusive recreational programming.

Virtual Inclusive Fitness Training

NCHPAD is hosting it's first Virtual Inclusive Fitness Training March 30th and 31st. All course content and related materials can be found here. Check back often as we continue to update this page.

Rallying the Troops: Engaging your Community for Inclusion

Knowledge-to-action frameworks are useful tools to systematically implement evidence into community practice. One such framework is NCHPAD’s Inclusive Community Implementation Process (NiCIP) adapted from the CAN-IMPLEMENT. Community engagement and stakeholder input from the outset is a central principle of this framework. Within the NiCIP, stakeholders with disabilities must work alongside community implementers to implement sustainable knowledge use within the community. This charrette style training will incorporate multiple learning styles and breakout activities in a classroom setting.

Hosting Inclusive Events

Currently 1 in 4 people in the United States has a disability. That means no matter the size, location, or topic of your event, you are most likely serving individuals with a disability. The goal of all organizations should be to host inclusive events that allow all individuals, including individuals with a disability, the opportunity to participate fully in the event. However, organizations often define inclusion and accessibility in many ways leaving individuals with a disability with an unclear understanding of what will be provided for them and the amount of access they will truly have. This toolkit will provide guidance on how to best serve the needs of all individuals in any event setting.

What are the GRAIDs

The Guidelines, Recommendations, Adaptations, Including Disability, or GRAIDs, were developed as a method to adapt evidence-based programs to be inclusive of individuals with disabilities. Watch this presentation conducted by Dr. Kerri Vanderbom to learn what the GRAIDs are and how to use them.